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From: T Chase
Subject: Nn Preteen
Collecting Things 11The following story is a work of fiction set in the format of reality. Any
resemblance to real people is entirely coincidental in nature, and is not
meant to accurately reflect persons in towns, cities, or governmental
areas, in which the story is staged. If sexual scenes involving male to
male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story.
Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most states and
countries, you are not allowed to read this by law. This is fiction. Don’t
forget, in real life, to think about ’sexual safety matters’; got condom?”Collecting Things” 11 (M/M oral bdsm)
wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%”I see, so what you’re saying, Rex, is that you want me to pick up on your
father’s duties.”"Of course you will be receiving the same benefits, as father would.”Michael adds, “And for your ‘master’ duties, I’m sure we can arrange some
type of…”"Wait a minute, Michael. Don’t forget that I worked for Rex’s father at one
time. I can tell you that he treated me like a dog at times. No, let’s keep
this nice and businesslike. Taking him on as a slave with be entirely my
pleasure!”"Sounds aggreeable to me. What do you think Rex?”"If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me, Michael.”"Well, it looks like we’ve struck up a deal here. Now when do I get to see
my new slaveboy?”"The night’s young, Jim. How about some young fun?”"Young fun, Michael?”"Yeah. If you hold on a second, I’ll be right back.”Michael ascends the stairs, headed for a specific room. He knocks on the
door, opening it.”Ben? John, you aslee…huh?”Rico, lay out on the bed, John and Ben slurping away at his body.”You come in Michael. It okay.”The two slurpers stop their oral workover, looking up.”What’s up Michael?”"Um, well…. I thought… ah, can I steel Ben away from Nn Preteen
you, Rico?”"Me, Michael?”"Yeah. Got somebody downstairs I want you to meet, Ben.”"You take Ben. I can have John, okiedokie?”"Ben, you up for some action tonight?”"Sure. What do you have in mind, Michael?”"Could be some heavy s&m, if you’re up to it, Ben?”"Hell yeah! Okay, Rico?”"You go. John and I play, okiedokie, Michael?”"Sure. No problem.”Ben, already standing in front of Michael, asks, “Should I put anything
on?”"Ah, no. I think you’re good the way you are, Ben. Sure you’re up for a
good workover?”"Um, what do you think?”Michael laughed, as he looked at Ben’s hairy pubes.Walking down the stairs, Michael tells Ben, “Now I want you to know that
this guy Jim, can be as fair as me.”"That’s one worry I had when I thought you and Rex weren’t interested in
John and I anymore, Michael.”"Well, I hope you got that out of your head, Ben.”"Oh, John and I understand now. And Michael, thanks.”"Hey, wait and see how sore you’ll be tomorrow, then thank me.”"No, I didn’t mean about that. I’m talking about…”"I know what you mean, Ben. Um, by the way, I’d suggest using a safeword
tonight.”"If you think I should, Michael. You know this guy Jim, better than I do.”"Oh, you better believe it. He can get rough.”"Sounds hot.”"But don’t worry, Rex and I will be there.”"Are you going to help Jim torture me?”"Is that how you want it to go, Ben?”"Hell yeah, Michael. That’d be so cool, having two or even three tops
torturing me, at the same time.”However, when Michael reported back to the den, Rex wasn’t there.”Where’s Rex?”"He said he had a splitting headache and for us two guys to have a good
time.”"Splitting headache, my eye!” Michael said, smiling.”Yeah, I figured the same. Hmm… what have we got here?”"Jim, meet Ben Morris.”Right away, Jim moves away from the hospitable person he’s been all evening
and switches on the dominant mode.”Stats, boy,” he demands.Ben replies, “Twenty years old, five feet, nine inches tall, hundred and
seventy-six pounds, eight inches cut, black hair…”"I can see that, boy. Still a virgin?”"No, sir.”"I guess I have you to thank for that!” Jim says to Michael, who smiles
back.”Experience, Nn Preteen
boy?”"I’ve only played with Michael.”"Hmm,” Jim says, looking to his friend, “Looks like you skipped the chapter
on manners, Michael?”"Ben’s into taking pain.”"Oh, no problem. I can Nn Preteen
get into that,” Jim replies, then adds, “I just
happened to have my toybag in the car.”Thinking that Jim will go out and get it, took Michael aback. Instead, he
gets on his cellphone.”You can come in now.”"One of your slaveboys, Jim?”Ben questions, “You have slaves? Real slaves?”"Didn’t you teach this boy anything, Michael?”"Hee heeee… told you, Jim..”"I know, Michael. He likes pain… just pain.”The doorbell rings. Michael goes to answer it. Standing there, is a man,
not too much older looking than Ben.”And whom might you be?”"Tom, sir.”"Enter, Tom.”Michael watches the totally stripped boy come in, hauling a rather large
bag over his shoulder, as if Santa Claus.”Ah yes, Tom. Come in.”"Thank you, Sir.”"Well, I suppose since you’re putting Ben at my service, the least I could
do is offer fair trade, Michael. Tom?”"Yes, Sir?”"You will be Master Michael’s boytoy for this evening.”"Yes, Sir. Thank you, sir.”"What’s your limits, Tom?” Michael inquires.”"No limits, sir.”Jim looks at Ben, then asks, “And what are your limits, boy?”"Um, no…” Wanting to be just as good as Tom, he continues, “No limits,
sir.”Michael butts in, “Some limits, Jim.”"I see. A ‘no limits wannabee’.”"I can take a lot of pain!” Ben says indignantly.”This might be true, but your manners are atrocious, boy.”Ben doesn’t say anything.Michael offers, “Then maybe you should focus on some slavetraining, Jim?”"Is that what you want boy? Train to be my slave?”Michael winks at Ben.”Yeah, I think that could be fun.”"Oh, it’ll be fun alright!” Jim replied.Unlike Jim’s home, the Jarvis mansion had a basement, but it wasn’t
outfitted like a medieval dungeon. However, it did have some amenities,
that could help in binding a boy for some hot bdsm.”Nice stripes, boy.”Ben noticed Tom being complimented and replyed to Michael, “Thank you,
sir.”Ben replied to Jim, “Thanks you, Sir.”"Boy, take my toybag and lay out each item on that table over there.”"Yes, sir.”"Your old humiliation tricks, Jim?” Michael asked.”Yeah. Lots of fun when some of these new guys see what I’m about to use on
them.”"Hee heee… you still pack the branding irons?”"Yeah. Only had one guy, that didn’t shake in his boots, when he saw them.”"Oh?”"Yeah and in fact he wanted me to use them on him.”"No kidding and did you?”"Sort of.”"You branded the guy?”"After I tied him eagle-spread, I stoked a fire, with the branding irons in
the hot coals. After I blindfolded him, I took another set and put them in
a vat with ice.”"You dog, Jim!”"Yeah. When I pressed the ice cold branding iron in the middle of chest, he
screamed like hell, then cursed me out… haa ha ha ha.. what a turn on!”"Hmm…”"What’s that for, Michael?”"I’ll see how much I can dig up, for later?”"Michael, you ole dog!”"Nice assortment, sir,” Ben told Jim, signifying that he had all the toys
laid out for his use.”See anything that turns you on, boy?”"Lots of things, sir.”"Tell me what interests you, boy.”For whatever reason, Jim liked the attitude of Ben, not caring that he
didn’t know every rule in the slaveboy’s discipline book. For a change of
pace, he wanted to step out of character with Ben and play as Michael
would.”Some of these larger buttplugs look like fun, sir.”"Call me Jim.”"Jim?”"Yeah. LIke you call Michael, ‘Michael’. You don’t call him sir, do you
Ben?”"No, sir.. I mean Jim.”"So, which toys would you like to experience?”"The buttplugs, those balls on the strings.”"They’re called Benwa balls and can be quite intense.”"Hey, I’m not looking for any easy stuff, Jim. I like pain.”"What area of your body, Ben?”"Anyplace; cock, balls, ass, nips, navel, whipping my back or chest…”"Sounds cool, Ben. Your safeword will be redgreen. First I need a blowjob.”As Michael took Tom away to a secluded area of the basement, Jim has Ben
stand over an area where his body can be tied eagle-spread. After getting
his cock throughly lubed, he rubbed it against Ben’s rear.”Bet you want this inside you, boy?”"Maybe.”‘Maybe…hmm!’ Jim thought to himself, wondering about Ben’s
audacity. After all, that’s not what his other boys have thought about his
nine and a half inch fat nail, after seeing it in it’s full glory!”Let’s see what we’ve got to work with, shall we?”After wetting his two fingers, Jim plays with Ben’s ass. First he picks up
on the ass crevice, all hairylike. If this was one of his other boytoys,
his ass would be shaved smooth. However, Ben, a big turnon from the start
and nothing like any of the boys he’s played with, the extremely hairy
asscrack made his cock pulse, as he felt for the rim of his asschute.Ben sighed, “Ooooooh,” Nn Preteen
as Jim found Nn Preteen
the small opening, geared only to fit
one finger into.”Tight! Nice! Real nice!”Going to where Ben had laid out all of his toys, Jim picked up one of the
buttplugs his boy had handled.”Yeah, right,” Jim exclaimed, “not yet. Don’t intend on ripping that ass
wide open yet!”Placing the long, wide torture toy on the table, Jim picked up a slender
dildo and a tube of lube. After icing it up, like buttering up a layer
cake, he came back around Ben.”Oh, you’re gonna like this!”The tip of the dildo Nn Preteen
just fit into Ben’s asshole.”Oooooooh….oooooooh….oooooooooohhhh!” Ben sighed, as the neat toy fit
right in, without any contraints.Even though Jim felt great pleasure in working a guy’s ass, as he did with
the dildo almost fully implanted in Ben’s, he eyed up the almost faded
welts on his back.’No limits, huh?’ he said more for him own benefit. He retrieved the dildo
in one quick jerk, out of Ben’s ass. Returning to the toy table, he once
more picked up the buttplug that Ben had termed, ‘wide’. He didn’t grease
it up as much as the dildo. Returning to Ben’s backside, he eased the tip
into the tight ass crevice. Ben sighed out loud, his mouth forming an ‘o’
and reacting, when the tip of the buttplug touched his assrim.”Oooooooooh…” Ben called out, bracing himself, as his assrim didn’t budge
when Jim forced it a bit.”Ready for some ‘real’ pain, boy?”Not sure of his Nn Preteen capabilities for accepting, but his throbbing cock telling
himself he wanted it, Ben let out a decidedly, “Yes, sir!”"Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” The scream came long and loud, as Jim
pressed the wide buttplug in, stretching the twenty year old’s ass
entrance.”You can say ‘yellow’, if you want me to back off, boy.”"No fuckin’ way!”A wide grin filled Jim’s face. If his slaveboy, Tom, had answered him in
that frame of manner, he would have been punished, but for Ben’s worth, Jim
got a thrill at both the painful groan elicited and the untrained slave’s
stamina.With still holding half the buttplug in his hand, Jim rubbed Ben’s
shoulder, saying, “Still got more pay coming at cha… ready, Ben?”If any of Jim’s top buddies, whom he played with often, ever heard Jim say
something like that to a boy, they would have cussed him out, accusing Nn Preteen him
of being a ‘woosie’, ‘wimping out’ or becoming a ’softee’. No, the crowd
Jim played with would adhere to ‘torture first and ask questions later’!”Ready for me to stuff the whole thing up your hairy ass, Ben?”"Um.. okay.”Another thing, if this was any other boy, Jim would have put his fist
behing the power and driven that fat plug right in. However, with a hand
still on Ben’s shoulder, he slowly pushed the buttplug upwards, moving it
quarter inch by quarter inch into Ben’s asschute.”Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Nn Preteen Iiiiiiiiihoooooh fuck!” Ben yelled out.”Should I stop?”"No fuckin’ waygnnnnnnhhhaaahhhakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”So tough was getting that buttplug lodged fully into the tight hole, that
Jim used a trick that would put less of a strain on his arm. Putting both
hands on Ben’s shoulders, he placed his knee against the flat bottom of the
buttplug and then lifted his leg. The counterbalance Nn Preteen of his arms pulling
down and his knee pressing upwards, lifted the buttplug in.Ben screamed out loudly, his cock leaking like a sieve. Suddenly Jim found
himself doing something he never thought he would ever do, in a million
years. His hands had flowed down Ben’s back and around his torso, Jim’s
fingers interconnected above Ben’s bellyhole. Placing the eagle-spread
landscaping jock in a full body, bearhug, Jim’s chest adhered like glue, to
the stripped back.”Feels good, don’t it, Ben?”Hardly able to express what he felt at this moment, Ben said, “Ooooh
fuckin’ yeah.. Feels sooooo…so hot…”Experiencing something for the first time, the twenty-eight year old topman
pressed his own human buttplug up against the artificial torture toy,
wanting himself buried in there, instead. However, his bod also took in the
warmth of his hairy chest and stomach up against Ben’s back, sensing
something electric, as he held the twenty year old in his arms. Some boys
he allowed himself to get close to, but none as intimately as he began
falling in with, as Ben. His hands began to paw up and down the stretched
out body, running over the lightly hairy pecs, tweaking the jock nips, then
dividing his hands, to feel the effects of the niptwisting, farther down.For Ben, he had the ultimate experience, intense pain mixed with the
sexuality of the moment.”I want you, Jim,” Ben said, trying to turn his head to his side, to
capture Jim’s lips.If Jim had started in on the slave training bit, from the beginning, he
might’ve taken Ben’s talking out of turn, as defient. Yet, he couldn’t
breakaway from the body hold and when he sensed Ben’s turned head, he stood
up straight, to be able to put himself out, in order to touch lips.Slowly,
one of his own shoulders began to dip under Ben’s armpit. Like sliding past
someone in a crowded hallway, Jim slipped right around Ben’s body, the
newly builtup sweat lubricating the slippery passageway. His cock broke
from the artificial ass opener, along Ben’s hairy thigh and then lined up
with the jock balls. Standing two inches taller than Ben, he easily gained
access to the luscious lips, as the front of their bodies met. Stretching
his arms out, as if hanging in bondage with Ben, Jim began fingering the
ropes, as they French kissed. Jim soon found Ben’s arms flopping down over
his own shoulders, his rough garden-hewn hands drawing in his shoulder
blades, as they molested each other’s mouths. After a spell, one of Ben’s
hands fell to his side, then around his torso, to his ass.Ben broke off the kiss to exclaim, “Wow! That sure is a big one!”Jim laughed, as Ben felt up the flat end of the buttplug.”Still hurt?”"A little, but it feels so awesome, too!”"Ready for some really intense ass action, Ben?”"Sure. What do you Nn Preteen have in mind, Jim?”Like the spider and the fly, Jim wanted Ben in his lair and the reflex left
him with an immediacy. Holding onto Jim’s shoulders, for stability, he
untied the rope from the leather cuffs around Ben’s ankles.”Y’know I really like these leather cuffs, Jim.”"You do, do you Ben?”"Yeah. So…. erotic!”"Erotic, Ben? Oh no, you haven’t experienced erotic, but before this night
is over, you will have! C’mon!”"Wait, Jim… aren’t you going to torture me some more?”"Oh just you wait, Ben!”Taking a few choice favorites off the table; a pair of alligator clips with
a chain attached, two white candles, a lighter, a thick leather strap,
ballgag, some rope and a buttplug, meaner looking than the one up Ben’s
ass, Jim led his new boy up the stairs.In the meantime, Michael wanted to take full advantage of Jim’s gift of the
evening, however he thought about Rex’s ’splitting headache’, too. What
would be the perfect cure, other than some smooth, soothing, massing
action? Of course, as he approached the toy table, he noticed the two empty
ropes hanging from the crossbeam.’Jim, you ole dog!’ Michael said to himself.”C’mon, Tom. Help me pick out some of your ‘favotires’!”Michael laughed an evil laugh, but his now easy going attitude, which Tom
picked up on, made him think that there would be more pleasure than pain
for the evenings continuence.”I see that the fun alligator clips are missing, but these should do.”"What makes them less fun, Tom?”"These? They don’t have the gradual tension screw the other pair has.”"Oh, so you get the zapper all at once?”"Yeah, but don’t get me wrong, Michael. They’ll feel really awesome on my
nips. Hmm.. both big buttplugs are missing too.”"I wouldn’t worry about that. I’m sure we can improvise.”Tom laughed along with Michael. After all, Michael had released the
twenty-one year old from any obligations, when they first began their play.”Ever get into any navel play, Tom?”"Navel play? Why, no. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. At least
Master Jim hasn’t done it. Sounds interesting. I’m willing to try it.”Definitely, it grabbed Tom’s interest, as Michael stuck his pinkie in the
boy’s navel, giving it a twist.”Oooooh fuck yeah! Oh man does that feel hot, Michael!”Looks like Michael had another bellyhole worshipper on his hands!”Hey, Michael?”"Huh?”"Are you really into whipping? I noticed Ben’s back. Would you want to do
me?”"Hell yeah!”"Um, could you get into whipping my cock and balls, too?”"You don’t have to ask silly questions like that, Tom!”Michael had to hurry up and get to work on Tom before he shot his load
right then and there.”Hey, I got an idea!”"What’s that Tom?”"The ropes are already here… how about it?”Even though Jim had used the leather cuffs, Michael got the same
idea. Well, his original plan had been to take Tom upstairs to the bedroom
and share him with Rex, but there would Nn Preteen still be time for that, that is if
Tom didn’t ache and hurt too much afterwards.%
“Oh yeaaaah! Oh fuckin’ yeaaaaah!” Jim cried out, as he mashed his chest
against Ben’s.Willing to suffer a bit himself, Jim’s 9.5c ground into Ben’s crotch, as
his chest scraped over Ben’s nip-clamped chest. In his mind, Jim’s nips
sensed the erotic feeling of having the chained toys mingle with his own
sensitive nips, the little facets making his hairy nips hard as rocks. He
couldn’t get enough of Ben’s sighs of pain and pleasure mixed. At times Jim
would fall to Ben’s side, looking up at his face. Ben’s blackened armpits
stood out, as his hands remained coupled behind his neck. With some sharp
pulls on the chains, the sharp alligator clips would dig into Ben’s nips,
causing him to scream out in pain. However, as he stroked that precum out
of Ben’s 7c, he knew how much sheer pleasure they both sensed, drawing it
from each other.”Yeah… Ready for a tighter experience, Ben?”The twenty-eight year old picked up the ballgag, as he straddled Ben’s
torso, mixing their sexual organs with the sweet goo. Before applying the
mouth tool, he bent and kissed the sweet lips.”Oooh, you’re gonna really like this,” Jim said, pairing their cocks up
before giving them a couple of mutual strokes.Next, Ben looked down at his right nip, as Jim’s hands figited with the
tension screw. Then focusing on each other’s eyes, like searching down into
their soul’s for a connection, Jim smiles, as he untwists the screw. Jim
felt the ride, as Ben arched his back, screaming into the ballgag. His
right nip was on fire with pain. Jim got an extra jolt, as right then and
there, Ben’s cock erupted, sending a stream of cum straight up..”Oooooh shit!” Jim cried out, as ropes of cum continued to shoot out,
hitting Jim in the chest and stomach.Then, like he didn’t even expect it, his own cock began it’s own
spurting. As he sensed it’s first pulsing action, Jim’s hand went to his
pubes and he stroked like mad, sending the first two shots way over Ben’s
bod and hitting the ballgag. Successive shots wound up covering Ben’s chest
and stomach, the last seven or eight rounds filling the hairy navel. Jim
didn’t wait to wonder why it had progressed so fast. His body slapped down
onto the jeweled chest. Not even thinking about it, he licked his own cum
off of the ballgag, wanting the use of Ben’s mouth so badly. A hand
uncoupled the leather binding and soon enough Jim got his wish. After
awhile, he produced the handy key, which unlocked the metal cuffs.”Now… make love to me, Ben.”%”Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Akkkkkkkk! Oh fuckin’ yeah!”Michael was beside himself with erotic lust, as Tom shook in his bindings,
with each lash of the strap against his upper back.”Oooooh don’t stop! It feels so fuckin’ good!”But Michael did, to give his willing victim a breather and to feel up the
heat displayed by the eight or nine red welts that crisscrossed the
twenty-one year old’s back.”Hot,” Michael soft said, as he felt the temperature of Tom’s skin.However it was about to get hotter. First though, Michael wanted to add
some heat to the front of Tom’s body. He picked up the more intense set of
nipclamps. As Tom looked on, Michael opened both jaws and then held them
like that over his targeted area. Like two target boards, Tom’s mostly
smooth chest supported to rounded wisps of brown hair, circling each
nips. Not wide, but tightly clutched to his chest, the two nubs, previously
firmed up, remained in store for a hot treat.”Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” Tom screamed out, arching his back.Michael’s hand immediately went to Tom’s shaft, gently stroking the already
leaking shaft.”Not too much now!” Michael said, smiling, knowing how turned on Tom is.Tom looked down at his own throbbing chest, cursed at the alligator clips,
firmly attached to his chestnubs, digging into the darker brown skin, like
sharp razors. Several more times he arched his back, as if throwing his
chest out, forward, would relieve some of the stress, or on the contrary,
cause further pleasure!”Now, before we continue the whipping?”"Oh fucking nooooooooooo!” Tom called out, as he watched Michael pick up a
couple of small weights from the table of torture gear.”Giving up so Nn Preteen
soon, Tom?”"Noooooo… oh fuck no… bring it on!”Michael’s cock and churning balls gave him even more incentive Nn Preteen to
proceed. Taking one of the Nn Preteen
small, round weights, with a hook attached, he
held the middle of the connecting chain up, so that both of them could take
in the view. Then, as part humiliation, he ordered Tom, “Open that mouth.”He lay the weight laden chain across Tom’s tongue.”Close.” Then, picking up the leather strap, Michael tells him, “You drop
the chain boy, you cause your own pain, so don’t blame me!”Reporting to Tom’s rear, he eyes up a few areas of the untouched back and
gazes at his ass. After running his hand over the shoulder blades, down his
back and then over the smooth mounds, Michael stands back, letting the
leather strap dangle. He holds out, gearing Tom’s adrenaline rush up, for
the ultimate strike.Tom gets a double whammy of a pain/pleasure rush, as Michael puts all his
weight into the lash that strikes from the left side of Tom’s back, just
under his left arm, Nn Preteen upwards, the tip of the strap striking over his right
shoulder. The pain of the leather striking his skin cause him to scream out
in mortal pain, opening his mouth wide, dropping the chain, the weight
falling to his midchest area, bouncing a few times, tearing at the sharp
alligator clamps that bite into his nips. Michael continues with the
ultimate thrill, giving Tom two more lashes, one across his back and a
second tanning his asscheeks. The small weight wreaks havoc on Tom’s nips,
pulling them outward and downwards.”Ready to give up, Tom?”"Oh fuckin’ nooooooooooooo!” He shouts in between the pain.”Hot!” Michael replies, wondering if Ben is as tough as Tom here.Yeah, Ben was tough when Michael whipped him, but he hadn’t played with
Ben’s nips or balls, or any other area of his body. Now his mind wondered
how Nn Preteen
tough Tom’s balls could be. How much could they Nn Preteen take? But for the
moment, he wasn’t done with Tom’s nips, picking up another weight that
equals the one already making the chain sag, pulling the tips of Tom’s nips
away from his pecs. Again, Michael plays the game, telling Tom to open his
mouth. He liked the way Tom’s ass reddened up right away, at striking it
with the leather strap. This time, doubling the strap, he holds it back,
readying to deliver a torturing blow.%continued……… Copyright 2005 T. Chase McPhee All Rights Reserved.
Permission is NOT granted to Nn Preteen
this story to any PAY site, nor any site
other than www.nifty.org, without the
author’s prior consent.
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